Common Land in England

Searchable database of all common land in England.

Common Land In England

Around 3% of the land area of England is recognised as common land. On this website you will find a maintained and searchable database of registered parcels of common land in England.

Search by village or parish name, or find all common land in a specific county. You can also list types of common land, as well as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Common Land In England

The website contains land records for nearly all parcels of registered common land in England, with additional data including location, area, extent of rights etc. The information was assembled between 1982 and 1993 as part of the biological survey of common land

The data powering the database is sourced from the government's DEFRA website. For information about UK Government property and land visit government buildings.

Village Greens

Town and village greens originate in customary law, where long-standing recreational use of land by the local inhabitants came to be recognised and protected by the courts. Greens are areas of land where local people have for many years indulged in lawful sports and pastimes, which might include organised or informal games, picnics, fetes, dog walking and similar activities. A green can be in private ownership but many greens are owned or maintained by town and parish councils.

Examples of Common Land

Name District County Description
Part of the River Test and its banks. Test Valley Hampshire Part of River Test west of Longparish, 8.5 kms east of Andover.
Manorial Waste, Witley. Waverley Surrey Piece of roadside verge, located 5 kms S.W. of Godalming.
Pendarves Woods Kerrier Cornwall Woodland located west of Troon, 1.6 km south of Cambourne.
Hunger Rigg Eden Cumbria Located east of Winton, 2 kms N.E. of Kirkby Stephen.
Common Land Craven North Yorkshire Verge located along B 6160 on west edge of Kettlewell.
Symonds Green Stevenage Hertfordshire Located at Symonds Green, on the west outskirts of Stevenage.
Oaken Lawn South Staffordshire Staffordshire Partly wooded unit to west of Oaken, 8 kms NW of Wolverhampton.
Ewell Minnis and Scotland Common Dover Kent Area of woodland, located west of Temple Ewell, near Dover.
Common Land Harrogate North Yorkshire Located along minor road 1 km E of Skelton, 6.5 km SE of Ripon.
The Moor or Ampney St. Peter Common Cotswold Gloucestershire Located in Ampney St Peter, 5.6 km east of Cirencester.