Land Near Allerdale

These are the registered parcels of common land near Allerdale.

Name Parish District County Description
Pasture House Wood Aikton Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.2 kms south of Oughterby.
Public Watering Place, Brackenthwaite. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 4.5 kms S.E. of Wigton.
Watering Place at Howrigg. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 2.5 kms south of Thursby.
'Jenkin' Embleton Allerdale Cumbria Located on slopes of Long Fell, 4.3 kms S.E. of Cockermouth.
Watering Place at East Curthwaite. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.75 kms S.E. of Thursby.
Low Laughing Boltons Allerdale Cumbria Small area of woodland, located 4.2 kms E.N.E. of Mealsgate.
Little Calva Underskiddaw Allerdale Cumbria Steep area of fell, located 6.5 kms N.N.E. of Keswick.
Cockley Moss Holme St Cuthbert Allerdale Cumbria Located near Mealrigg, 2 kms N.W. of Westnewton.
Watering Place, Rosley Crags. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 3.5 kms S.S.W. of Thursby.
Quarry Hill Brows Boltons Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.3 kms east of Mealsgate.
Sandbeds Quarry Bassenthwaite Allerdale Cumbria Small wooded area, located 5.75 kms N.W. of Keswick.
Public Watering Place, The Height, Rosley. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 2.6 kms S.W. of Thursby.
Land near Swinside Lodge, Portinscale. Above Derwent Allerdale Cumbria Located at Hawes End, 2.6 kms S.S.W. of Keswick.
Watering Place at Tarn Well Spring, Tracentree. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 4.75 kms S.S.W. of Thursby.
Top and Bottom Shore. Dunnerdale with Seathwaite / Coniston Allerdale Cumbria Located at Stonethwaite, 0.5 kms S.E. of Borrowdale.
Parish Planting Aikton Allerdale Cumbria Small area of woodland, located 0.5 km N.N.E. of Wiggonby.
Little Brampton Pasture Kirkbampton Allerdale Cumbria An area of woodland, located 1.25 kms north of Little Bampton.
Mawbray Banks Holme St Cuthbert Allerdale Cumbria Located on the coast at Beckfoot, 3.8 kms S.S.W. of Silloth.
Stone Quarry and Gravel Pit at Speat Gill. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 2.2 kms E.S.E. of Wigton.
The Barf, near Thornthwaite. Above Derwent Allerdale Cumbria Steep, rocky area of fell, located 5.2 kms N.W. of Keswick.
A Quarry adjoining the River Chalk. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located near East Curthwaite, 2 kms S.E. of Thursby.
Dodd Common St Johns Castlerigg and Wy Allerdale Cumbria Remote rocky outcrop, located 3.25 kms S.E. of Keswick.
Watering Place near Stonybridge. Aikton Allerdale Cumbria Located south of Biglands, 4 kms north of Wigton.
Watering Place at Red Dial Bridge. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located adjacent to the A 595, 1.75 kms south of Wigton.
Two pieces of land south of Beckstones Beck. Above Derwent Allerdale Cumbria Located near Thornthwaite, 4.5 kms N.W. of Keswick.

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