Land Near Arun

These are the registered parcels of common land near Arun.

Name Parish District County Description
Land adjoining Old Lime Works Houghton Arun West Sussex S of B2139,on River Arun,to S of Houghton.
Leith Slips Houghton Arun West Sussex Footpath along River Arun,0.1km S of B2139 at Houghton.
Spur Road and The Three Ponds Climping Arun West Sussex Located at Atherington, 2.8 kms S.W. of Little Hampton.
Butlers Dell and Waste Aldingbourne Arun West Sussex 0.5km N of A27,0.75km NE of Crockerhill.
Green Lane Aldingbourne Arun West Sussex On N side of B2233,at N end of Westergate.
The Pond Climping Arun West Sussex Located at Horsemere Green, 3.5 kms west of Littlehampton.
Broad Green Waste Arundel Arun West Sussex Along road,between Priory Farm and Tortington,1km SW of Arundel
Butts Lane Row Waste Slindon Arun West Sussex Wooded strip of land,0.25km N of Slindon.
Bury Wharf Bury Chichester West Sussex On W side of River Arun,in E of Bury.

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