Land Near Avon

These are the registered parcels of common land near Avon.

Name Parish District County Description
Mead Lane Olveston Northavon Avon Roadside verge located NE of M4, 0.5 km west of Olveston.
The Rocks Blagdon Woodspring Avon Along minor road on south edge of Blagdon, 6 km NE of Cheddar.
Roadside Verges, Latteridge. Iron Acton Northavon Avon Along 'other road' S of Latteridge, 6.25 km SE of Thornbury.
White Railings Pershore Wychavon Hereford/Worcester Located between River Avon and A44,1.5km SW of Pershore
Land bordering Stowell Hill Tytherington Northavon Avon Located S of the M5 in Tytherington, 3.25 km SE of Thornbury.
West End Town Common Marshfield Northavon Avon Along a minor road, 1 km NW of Marshfield, 10 km NNE of Bath.
Windsor Place Common Formerly Bristol Kingswood Avon Along minor road in Mangotsfield, on NE outskirts of Kingswood.
Holbrook Common Wick and Abson Northavon Avon Located on NW edge of Wick, east of Bristol.
Hinton Green Oldland Kingswood Avon Along minor road, W of Cadbury Heath, on S edge of Kingswood.
Solsbury Common Batheaston Wansdyke Avon Lies on Solsbury Hill near Upper Swainswick, 3.75 km NE of Bath
Bannerdown Common Batheaston Wansdyke Avon Partly wooded unit on Banner Down, on the NE edge of Batheaston
Church Hill Churchill Woodspring Avon Partly wooded area south of Churchill, 2.75 km NE of Winscombe.
Westmancote Dock Bredon Wychavon Hereford/Worcester Located in N of Bredon,adjacent to River Avon
Land on Itchington Road Tytherington Northavon Avon Roadside verge, south of Tytherington, 3.75 km SE of Thornbury.
Land between 'Meadlands' and Nupdown Farm Hill Northavon Avon Verge along minor road 1 km W of Hill, 5.25 km N of Thornbury.
Additional piece to Frenchay Common Winterbourne Northavon Avon Located near hospital in Frenchay, in NE part of Bristol.
Roadside land near Ingst Hill Olveston Northavon Avon Located along minor road SW of Ingst, 6.25 km SW of Thornbury.
The Quarry, Swans Neck. Birlingham Wychavon Hereford/Worcester Adjacent to River Avon,0.25km SW of Birlingham
The Batch Stowey-Sutton Wansdyke Avon Located on north edge of Bishop Sutton, 3.5 km SE of Chew Magna
The Marsh Aveton Gifford South Hams Devon Lies N of River Avon at Aveton Giffard, 6 km NW of Kingsbridge.
Bathing Site Bredon Wychavon Hereford/Worcester Located in N part of Bredon,adjacent to River Avon
Land S.W. of Burledge Common West Harptree Wansdyke Avon Located on Burledge Hill, 1 km SSW of Bishop Sutton
Land north of Upper Sleight, Bannerdown. Batheaston Wansdyke Avon Woodland located on Banner Down, 1.25 km NE of Batheaston.
Additional piece to Westerleigh Common Westerleigh Northavon Avon Located on west edge of Yate, to NE of Bristol.
Widcombe Common Hinton Blewett Wansdyke Avon Along minor road in South Widcombe, 1.5 km NE of East Harptree.

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