Land Near Bardfield Saling And Stebbing

These are the registered parcels of common land near Bardfield Saling And Stebbing.

Name Parish District County Description
Long Green Bardfield Saling and Stebbing Braintree and Uttlesford Essex Verge, located SW of Bardfield Saling, 8.5 kms NW of Braintree.
Verges in Long Green Lane, Bardfield Saling. Bardfield Saling Braintree Essex Located at Bardfield Saling and Crow's Green, N.W. of Braintree
Four Elms Triangle Bardfield Saling Braintree Essex Located at minor road junction on N.E. edge of Bardfield Saling
Land in vicinity of Downs Terrace, Stebbing. Stebbing Uttlesford Essex Roadside verges located in Stebbing, 4 kms N.E. of Great Dunmow
Tarbets Green Stebbing Uttlesford Essex Located at Lucas Farm, 1 km east of Stebbing.
Saling Grove Great Saling Braintree Essex Roadside verge in Great Saling, 6.25 kms N.W. of Braintree.
Caney Green and part of Long Green Great Bardfield Braintree Essex Verges located near Great Bardfield, 7.5 kms NE of Great Dunmow

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