Land Near Carlisle

These are the registered parcels of common land near Carlisle.

Name Parish District County Description
Walton Moss Walton Carlisle Cumbria Located 1.5 kms N.W. of Walton.
Wash Pool, Talkin Fell. Hayton Carlisle Cumbria Small area on Talkin Fell, 2.2 kms N.E. of Castle Carrock.
The Quarry, Great Corby. Wetheral Carlisle Cumbria Partly wooded area, located to the east of Great Corby.
Gravel Bed on River Lyne. Solport Carlisle Cumbria Located on the River Lyne, 1.75 kms north of Boltonfellend.
Lees Hill Parish Land Askerton Carlisle Cumbria Located at Lees Hill, 6.75 kms N.N.E. of Brampton.
Buckabank Manorial Waste and Ground for getting gravel. Dalston Carlisle Cumbria Located adjacent to the River Caldew, at Buckabank near Dalston
Watering Place near Warwick Bridge. Wetheral Carlisle Cumbria Located adjacent to River Eden,0.5km west of Warwick Bridge.
Lees Hill Quarry Kingwater Carlisle Cumbria Located near Lees Hill, 8 kms N.E. of Brampton.
The Beck, Bewcastle. Bewcastle Carlisle Cumbria Wooded area on the Bewcastle Fells, 6 kms N.N.W of Bewcastle.
Greystone Moss Castle Carrock Carlisle Cumbria Located 1 km S.W. of Castle Carrock.
Sand Pit at Hayton Townhead. Hayton Carlisle Cumbria Wooded area located at Townhead, 0.5 km east of Hayton.
The Strand, Denton. Upper Denton Carlisle Cumbria Located at Upper Denton, 2 kms S.W. of Gilsland.
Land adjoining Field no. OS 121, near Castle Carrock. Castle Carrock Carlisle Cumbria Located to the south of Castle Carrock.
Knotts Quarry Castle Carrock Carlisle Cumbria Located on Castle Carrock Fell, 0.6 km E.S.E. of Castle Carrock
Land at Wetheral Shield. Wetheral Carlisle Cumbria Located at Wetheral Shield, 2 kms south of Wetheral.
Long Dyke Quarry and Long Dyke Refuse Tip. Castle Carrock Carlisle Cumbria Located 1.75 kms south of Castle Carrock.
Burgh Marsh Burgh by Sands Carlisle Cumbria Area of marsh, located to the N.W. of Burgh by Sands.

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