Land Near Cherry Burton

These are the registered parcels of common land near Cherry Burton.

Name Parish District County Description
Old Pond and Ground, Pill Common. Bury Chichester West Sussex On footpath in W of West Burton.
Burton Common Longburton and Holnest West Dorset Dorset Located east of A 352, 1 km south of Longburton.
Belmont Green Tutbury East Staffordshire Staffordshire Along a minor road 2 kms SW of Tutbury, NW of Burton on Trent.
Hutton Roof Crags Hutton Roof South Lakeland Cumbria Unit dominated by rocky crags, 2.3 kms N.E. of Burton-in-Kendal
Burton Down, Sutton Down and Puck Street. Sutton Chichester West Sussex Along footpath,1.5km SW of Sutton,0.5km W of Glatting Farm.

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