Land Near Cumbria

These are the registered parcels of common land near Cumbria.

Name Parish District County Description
North Side Stinted Pasture Orton Eden Cumbria Located near Greenholme, 3 kms N.W. of Tebay.
Thorny Bank Orton Eden Cumbria Remote area of fell, located 4 kms W.N.W. of Tebay.
Birkbeck Fells Common Orton Eden Cumbria Area of moorland, located 3.5 kms N.W. of Tebay.
Flow Moss Orton Eden Cumbria Remote area of moorland, located 5 kms N.W. of Tebay.
Land near Flusco railway bridge. Dacre Eden Cumbria Located 3 kms N.E. of Penruddock, to the S.W. of Penrith.
Burton Fell Warcop Eden Cumbria Remote area of moorland, located 4 kms N.W. of Brough.
Piece of land south of Castlethwaite. Mallerstang Eden Cumbria Located 6 kms S.S.E. of Kirkby Stephen.
Briggle Quarry and road. Kirkoswald Eden Cumbria Located near Scale Houses, 2 kms N.W. of Renwick.
Slack Heads Water Hole Irthington Carlisle Cumbria Located near Newtown, 4.4 kms N.W. of Brampton.
Scalerigg Quarry and road leading to it. Kirkoswald Eden Cumbria Located 1.25 kms west of Renwick.
Quarry near Moorethwaite) Cumwhitton Carlisle Cumbria Small area of woodland, located near Moorthwaite.
Murthwaite Park Ravenstonedale Eden Cumbria Partly wooded area, located 7.5 kms N.E. of Sedbergh.
Ground for getting gravel at Chalkfoot Dalston Carlisle Cumbria Located near East Curthwaite, 2 kms S.E. of Thursby.
Stone Quarry and Gravel Pit at Speat Gill. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 2.2 kms E.S.E. of Wigton.
Piece of land south of Thorny Bank. Orton Eden Cumbria Located 4 kms W.N.W. of Tebay.
Watering Place at Tarn Well Spring, Tracentree. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 4.75 kms S.S.W. of Thursby.
Public Watering Place, The Height, Rosley. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 2.6 kms S.W. of Thursby.
Parish Planting Aikton Allerdale Cumbria Small area of woodland, located 0.5 km N.N.E. of Wiggonby.
Ash Landing Claife South Lakeland Cumbria On the west shore of Lake Windermere, 1.25 kms N.N.W. of Storrs
Top and Bottom Shore. Dunnerdale with Seathwaite / Coniston Allerdale Cumbria Located at Stonethwaite, 0.5 kms S.E. of Borrowdale.
Herd House Moss Angerton South Lakeland Cumbria Located 1.5 kms N.W. of Kirkby-in-Furness.
Sandbeds Quarry Bassenthwaite Allerdale Cumbria Small wooded area, located 5.75 kms N.W. of Keswick.
Little Moor Irton with Santon Copeland Cumbria Small area of woodland, located 3.5 kms S.E. of Gosforth.
Skell Green Martindale Eden Cumbria Located at minor road junction, 5 kms N.E. of Patterdale.
Little Brampton Pasture Kirkbampton Allerdale Cumbria An area of woodland, located 1.25 kms north of Little Bampton.

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