Land Near Durham

These are the registered parcels of common land near Durham.

Name Parish District County Description
Northgate Fell Stanhope Wear Valley Durham Located 6 kms W.N.W. of Stanhope.
Foggerthwaite Common Quarry Eggleston Teesdale Durham Located 2.5 kms N.W. of Eggleston.
Foggerthwaite Common Quarry Eggleston Teesdale Durham Located 2.25 kms N.W. of Eggleston.
Blackton Common Quarry Eggleston Teesdale Durham Located 1.25 kms N.N.W. of Eggleston.
Blakeley Hill Quarry Staindrop Teesdale Durham Located 2.5 km N.W. of Staindrop.
Stanhope Common Stanhope Wear Valley Durham Extensive area of open fell located north of Stanhope.
Land adjacent to Ferryhill Methodist Church. Ferryhill Sedgefield Durham Loacted in Ferryhill, 3 kms east of Spennymoor.
Muggleswick Park Muggleswick Derwentside Durham Located 0.75 kms S.E. of Edmundbyers.
Eggleston Common Eggleston Teesdale Durham Located west of Hamsterley Forest, 1 km north of Eggleston.
Part of Stanhope Common. Stanhope Wear Valley Durham An area of moorland, located 2.5 kms E.S.E of Stanhope.
Oaks Quarry, Evenwood Evenwood and Barony Teesdale Durham Located at Evenwood, 2 kms W.S.W. of West Auckland.
High Toft Hill Quarry Etherley Teesdale Durham Located at Toft Hill, 4.5 kms west of Bishop Auckland.
Land near Raine's House, Butterknowle. Lynesack and Softley Teesdale Durham Located in Butterknowle, 7.5 kms west of West Auckland.
Stanley Common Quarry Formerly Bishop Auckland Wear Valley Durham Located at Stanley Crook, 2 kms north of Crook.
Goosepool Staindrop Teesdale Durham Located 1.5 km N.W. of Staindrop.
Woodland Awarded Quarry Woodland Teesdale Durham Located in Woodland, 5 kms N.W. of Cockfield.
The Well, Ingleton. Ingleton Teesdale Durham Located at Ingleton, 5.5 kms south of West Auckland.
Howden Bank Quarry, Lanchester. Lanchester Derwentside Durham Located 1.25 kms N.E. of Lanchester.
The Green, Sheraton. Sheraton with Hulam Easington Durham Located in Sheraton 7 km N.W. of Hartlepool.
Cockfield Fell Cockfield Teesdale Durham Located at Cockfield, 9.0 km S.W.of Bishop Auckland.
Hamsterley Common Hamsterley, South Bedburn and Lynesack and Softley. Teesdale Durham Located north of Hamsterley Forest, 4 km south of Wolshingham.
West Lintzgarth Common Stanhope Wear Valley Durham Located at Lintzgarth, 2.5 kms N.W. of Stanhope.
Land lying north of Trimdon Junior Mixed and Infants School. Trimdon Sedgefield Durham Located at Trimdon, 4 kms N.N.E. of Sedgefield.
The Quarry, Hamsterley Hamsterley Teesdale Durham Located near Hamsterley, 5 kms S.W.of Crook.
The Quarry, Witton-Le-Wear Formerly Bishop Auckland Wear Valley Durham Located north of Witton-Le- Wear, 3.0 km S.W. of Crook.

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