Land Near Formerly Bacup

These are the registered parcels of common land near Formerly Bacup.

Name Parish District County Description
Brandwood Higher End Moor Formerly Whitworth / Formerly Bacup Rossendale Lancashire Moorland, including quarry, located 1.75 kms south of Bacup.
Greens Moor Formerly Bacup Rossendale Lancashire Moorland including quarry site, located 2 kms S.S.W. of Bacup.
Goose Green Formerly Bacup Rossendale Lancashire Located east of Bearsgrave, 3.25 kms S.W. of Bacup.
Jam Hill and Scholfield Rough Formerly Whitworth Rossendale Lancashire Area of moor located 2.4 kms S.E. of Bacup.
Freeholds Common Formerly Whitworth Rossendale Lancashire Located along a stream east of Shawforth, 3.25 kms SE of Bacup.
Deans Greave Rough Formerly Whitworth Rossendale Lancashire Moorland, including quarry site, located 2.6 kms S.E. of Bacup.
Inchfield Moor Todmorden and Bacup Calderdale West Yorkshire Moor located south of A 681, 2.5 kms west of Todmorden.

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