Land Near Formerly Cheltenham

These are the registered parcels of common land near Formerly Cheltenham.

Name Parish District County Description
Caudle Green Brimpsfield Cotswold Gloucestershire Along minor road in Caudle Green, 11.5 km S of Cheltenham.
Buckle Wood, Cranham Wood and Cranham Common. Cranham and Brimpsfield Stroud and Cotswold Gloucestershire Partly wooded unit E and S of Cranham, 9 km SW of Cheltenham.
Nottingham Common Woodmancote Tewkesbury Gloucestershire On Nottingham Hill near Woodmancote, 7 km NE of Cheltenham.
Barrow Wake Cowley Tewkesbury Gloucestershire Downland at Barrow Wake, 6 km SW of Cheltenham.
Cleeve Common or Cleeve Hill Southam Tewkesbury Gloucestershire Downland east of Cleeve Hill, 5 km NE of Cheltenham.
Brockworth Wood, Upton Wood and Coopers Hill. Brockworth Tewkesbury Gloucestershire Woodland on Cooper Hill, N of Cranham, 8.75 km SW of Cheltenham
Cleeve Common (parts) Southam Tewkesbury Gloucestershire 3 parts on west edge of Cleeve Common, 4 km NE of Cheltenham.
Elmstone Hardwicke Lane/Stoke Orchard-Tredington Rd. junction. Stoke Orchard Tewkesbury Gloucestershire Minor road junction in Stoke Orchard, 6.5 km NW of Cheltenham.

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