Land Near Goldshaw Booth

These are the registered parcels of common land near Goldshaw Booth.

Name Parish District County Description
Green Top Goldshaw Booth Pendle Lancashire Along a minor road near Sabden Hall, 6.6 kms N.W. of Burnley.
Cock Clough Goldshaw Booth Pendle Lancashire Wooded area located north of Sabden Fold, 7 kms N.W. of Burnley
Spence Moor and Winberry Clough Moor Goldshaw Booth Pendle Lancashire Moorland, located 2 kms N.E. of Sabden, 8.2 kms N.W. of Burnley
Land near Sabden Fold Goldshaw Booth Pendle Lancashire Partly wooded area at Sabden Fold, 6.5 kms N.W. of Burnley.
Two pieces of land at Barber Booth and land at Upper Booth. Edale High Peak Derbyshire Along minor roads at Barber Booth and Upper Booth, near Edale.
Several pieces of land at Grindsbrook Booth, Edale. Edale High Peak Derbyshire Located along minor road at Grindsbrook Booth, north of Edale.
Pinfold Higham with West Close Booth Pendle Lancashire Located in Higham, 5.25 kms N.W. of Burnley.
Land on east side of Sabden Road. Higham with West Close Booth Pendle Lancashire Located on the north edge of Higham, 5.5 kms N.W. of Burnley.
Barley Moor Barley with Wheatley Booth Pendle Lancashire Moor located 1.5 kms west of Barley, 4.75 kms ESE of Clitheroe

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