Land Near Hambledon

These are the registered parcels of common land near Hambledon.

Name Parish District County Description
Hambledon Common, Hambledon Hurst and Buss's Common. Hambledon Waverley Surrey Area of woodland, located at Hambledon, south of Godalming.
Manorial Waste, Hambledon. Hambledon Waverley Surrey Pieces of roadside verge, located S.S.E. of Godalming.
Part of the Manorial Waste, Witley. Hambledon Waverley Surrey Located 1 km S.W. of Hambledon, 6 kms S.S.W. of Godalming.
Beech Hill Green Hambledon Waverley Surrey Located in Hambledon, 5.5 kms south of Godalming.
Pheasants Hill Hambledon Wycombe Buckinghamshire Along road,N from Pheasants Hill,1.25km N of Hambledon.
Land by St. John's Church Hambledon Wycombe Buckinghamshire Common along road in Frieth settlement.
Land at Rockwell End Hambledon Wycombe Buckinghamshire Common at road junction,at Rockwell End.
Land at Little Frieth Hambledon Wycombe Buckinghamshire Common on road in NW of Frieth.

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