Land Near Hesket

These are the registered parcels of common land near Hesket.

Name Parish District County Description
Great Barrock Wood Quarry Hesket Eden Cumbria Small area of woodland, located 1 km north of Low Hesket.
The Green, Hesket Newmarket. Caldbeck Allerdale Cumbria Located at Hesket Newmarket, 2 kms S.E. of Caldbeck.
Land at Low Row. Caldbeck Allerdale Cumbria Located 2.5 kms S.S.E. of Hesket Newmarket.
Tarn Wadling Lazonby Eden Cumbria Located near Old Town, 1 km E.S.E. of High Hesket.
Land at Crooks Bridge. Hesket Eden Cumbria Located near Wreay, 8 kms S.E. of Carlisle.
Kell Springs Castle Sowerby Eden Cumbria Small, remote area located 3.5 kms N.E. of Hesket Newmarket.
Land near Reading Room, Cumwhinton. Hesket Carlisle Cumbria Located at Cumwhinton, 3 kms S.W. of Wetheral.
The Old Well, Armathwaite. Hesket Eden Cumbria Located 0.75 kms N.N.E. of Armathwaite.
Hewer Hill Quarry Castle Sowerby Eden Cumbria Located at Hewer Hill, 3 kms E.N.E. of Hesket Newmarket.
Piece of land at Petteril Bridge, Plumpton. Hesket Eden Cumbria Located along the River Petteril, 0.6 kms west of Plumpton.
Hewer Hill Freestones Quarry Castle Sowerby Eden Cumbria Located at Hewer Hill, 2.5 kms east of Hesket Newmarket.
Carrock Fell and Mungrisdale Fell. Mungrisdale Eden Cumbria Area of fell with steep slopes, 6 kms south of Hesket Newmarket

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