Land Near Holne

These are the registered parcels of common land near Holne.

Name Parish District County Description
Manorial Waste at Gallant le Bower Holne South Hams Devon At minor road junction 1.25 km NE of Holne, 4 km W of Ashburton
Holne Moor Holne South Hams Devon Extensive area moorland on Dartmoor, 2 km south of Dartmeet.
Field No. O.S.180 West Buckfastleigh South Hams Devon Located on SW edge of Dartmoor, W of Scorriton, SW of Holne.
Buckfastleigh Moor West Buckfastleigh South Hams Devon Moorland located on south Dartmoor, 3 km SW of Holne.

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