Land Near Layer Marney

These are the registered parcels of common land near Layer Marney.

Name Parish District County Description
Smyth's Green Layer Marney Colchester Essex Located at Smythe's Green, 3.5 kms N.E. of Tiptree.
The Pond near Layer Breton Heath. Layer Breton Colchester Essex Located along a minor road, in the west part of Layer Breton.
Land near The Washings, Friends Meeting House and Allotments. Layer Breton Colchester Essex Pieces of verge, located to west and south of Layer Breton.
Layer Breton Heath Layer Breton and Birch. Colchester Essex Located between Birch Green and Layer Breton, SW of Colchester.
The Green and Pond at the Cross Layer-de-la-Haye Colchester Essex Located at Layer-de-la-Haye, 5.75 kms S.W. of Colchester.
Maltings Green Layer-de-la-Haye Colchester Essex Located at Layer-de-la-Haye, 5.5 kms S.S.W. of Colchester.
Layer Breton Heath (three parts). Birch Colchester Essex Located at Birch Green, 8 kms S.W. of Colchester.

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