Land Near Lydford

These are the registered parcels of common land near Lydford.

Name Parish District County Description
Lydford Inner Common Lydford West Devon Devon Extensive area of moorland on NW Dartmoor, 2 km E of Lydford.
Part of The Forest of Dartmoor, which lies in Lydford Parish. Lydford West Devon Devon Extensive fragmented common on Dartmoor, 6 km S of Okehampton.
Four small additional pieces of The Forest of Dartmoor. Lydford West Devon Devon Fragmented unit lying within 1 km radius of Postbridge.
Bridestowe and Sourton Common Bridestowe and Sourton West Devon Devon Moorland on NW Dartmoor, SE of Sourton and NE of Lydford.
Waste of the Manor in Milland Road Milland Chichester West Sussex At road junction,0.75km S of Milland Marsh,W of Lydford Farm.

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