Land Near North Dorset

These are the registered parcels of common land near North Dorset.

Name Parish District County Description
Wareham Town Pound Wareham Town Purbeck Dorset Located north of River Frome on the southern edge of Wareham.
Ailwood Down Corfe Castle Purbeck Dorset On Brenscombe Hill N of Woodgarston, 3.75 km NW of Swanage.
King Barrow Hill Alderholt Wimborne Dorset Located south of Cripplestyle, 3.75 km SE of Cranborne.
Waddock Cross Alfpuddle Purbeck Dorset Located at road junction in Pallington, 6.5 km NW of Wool.
Ford Heath East Stoke Purbeck Dorset Partly wooded unit located NE of Binnegar, 2.5 km W of Wareham.
Part of Throop Heath Turners Puddle Purbeck Dorset Along minor road, NW of Bovington Camp, 5.25 km NW of Wool.
Barrowlands Road Toller Porcorum West Dorset Dorset Verge located along minor road, 2 km SW of Toller Porcorum.
Land near Lambert's Castle, Marshwood. Marshwood West Dorset Dorset Located W of Lambert's Castle Hill, 6.5 km E of Axminster.
Portland Meadow Wareham Town Purbeck Dorset Adjacent to River Piddle or Trent, on Wogret Heath, W of Warham
A plot south-west of Sherborne Road, Leigh. Leigh West Dorset Dorset Sited along minor road, 1 km E of Leigh, 4 km SE of Yetminster.
Beaminster Down Beaminster West Dorset Dorset Downland located 2.25 km NE of Beaminster.
Longton Wallis Heath Corfe Castle Purbeck Dorset Located on Middlebere Heath, 4.75 km SE of Wareham.
Boys Wood Wimborne St. Giles Wimborne Dorset Deciduous woodland S of Sutton Holms, 2.5 km WNW of Verwood.
Land to west of Cripplestyle Chapel Alderholt Wimborne Dorset Along minor road at Cripplestyle, 3.25 km SE of Cranborne.
Burton Heath Wool Purbeck Dorset Woodland south of River Frome, 2.25 km NW of Wool.
Grass Triangle Alderholt Wimborne Dorset Located on minor road between Alderholt and Fordingbridge.
Minchington Cross Sixpenny Handley Wimborne Dorset Located on Minchington Down, 1.75 km SE of Tollard Royal.
Land at Cripplestyle Alderholt Wimborne Dorset Partly wooded unit S of Cripplestyle, 2.7 km SE of Cranborne.
Knighton Common Winfrith Newburgh Purbeck Dorset Located in East Knighton, 3.25 km SW of Wool.
Barrow Hill Formerly Poole Poole Dorset Located NE of Bushcombe Bottom, 2.5 km SW of Wimborne Minster.
War Memorial Alderholt Wimborne Dorset Along minor road at Daggons, between Alderholt and Cranborne.
The Green Bloxworth Purbeck Dorset Located along minor road in Bloxworth, 8.5 km NE of Wool.
King Down Pamphill Wimborne Dorset Downland, located 4.25 km NW of Wimborne Minster.
Lenthay Common Sherborne West Dorset Dorset Lenthay Common, located 2 km SW of Sherborne.
The Moors, Middlebere, Slepe, Arne and Gold Point Heaths. Arne and Church Knowle Purbeck Dorset Located on Middlebere Heath, 4.5 km SE of Wareham.

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