Land Near North Wiltshire

These are the registered parcels of common land near North Wiltshire.

Name Parish District County Description
Rowde Common Rowde Kennet Wiltshire Roadside verges located 0.8 km W of Rowde, 4 km NW of Devizes.
Lockeridge Dene West Overton Kennet Wiltshire At minor road junction in Lockeridge Dene, SW of Marlborough.
Woolley Green Bradford-on-Avon West Wiltshire Wiltshire Located at Woolley Green, 1.2 km NE of Bradford-on-Avon.
Marston Green Marston Kennet Wiltshire Verges located in Marston, 5.75 km SW of Devizes.
Village Pond Tollard Royal Salisbury Wiltshire Located to N of B 3081 in Tollard Royal.
Whiteparish Common Whiteparish Salisbury Wiltshire Woodland located 0.75 km S of Whiteparish.
Bedwyn Common (part) Great Bedwyn Kennet Wiltshire Partly wooded unit located 1.75 km NW of Great Bedwyn.
Haddon Hill East Knoyle Salisbury Wiltshire Deciduous woodland located east of Upton, NW of East Knoyle.
The Village Well Broad Hinton Kennet Wiltshire Located in Broad Hinton, 9 km SW of Swindon.
Pewsey Hill Pewsey Kennet Wiltshire Verge along minor road on Pewsey Down, 2.25 km SE of Pewsey.
Cowesfield Wood Whiteparish Salisbury Wiltshire Woodland SE of Cowesfield Green, 1.2 km SE of Whiteparish.
Knoyle Hill East Knoyle Salisbury Wiltshire Woodland located on the west edge of East Knoyle.
Windmill Hill and The Green East Knoyle Salisbury Wiltshire Partly wooded unit located at The Green, NW of East Knoyle.
Parsonage Pond and Ben Lane Pond Pitton and Farley Salisbury Wiltshire Located in Farley, 7.6 km east of Salisbury.
Milton Green East Knoyle Salisbury Wiltshire Located along minor road in Milton, N of East Knoyle.
Semley and Gutch commons Semley Salisbury Wiltshire Lying in and around Semley and Gutch, 2.5 km NE of Shaftesbury.
Big Pond, Little Pond and Bugmore Common. Grimstead Salisbury Wiltshire Located in East Grimstead, 8.5 km SE of Salisbury.
Cowesfield Green Whiteparish Salisbury Wiltshire Verge along A 27, at Cowesfield Green, 1.5 km E of Whiteparish.
Land in Winterbourne Gunner Winterbourne Salisbury Wiltshire Along River Bourne in Winterbourne Gunner, NE of Salisbury.
Land on west bank of River Bourne, Winterbourne. Winterbourne Salisbury Wiltshire Along River Bourne in Winterbourne Gunner, NE of Salisbury.
Britford Green Britford Salisbury Wiltshire Located in Britford, 2.5 km SE of Salisbury.
Tollard Green Tollard Royal Salisbury Wiltshire Woodland located at Tollard Green, 1.5 km SW of Tollard Royal.
Land by river in West Dean. West Dean Salisbury Wiltshire Located by River Don in West Dean, 11.5 km SE of Salisbury.
Common Land North Cowton Richmondshire North Yorkshire Fragmented unit in North Cowton, 10.5 km south of Darlington.
North Kyme Common North Kyme North Kesteven Lincolnshire Located along A 153, north of North Kyme, south of Billinghay.

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