Land Near Northavon

These are the registered parcels of common land near Northavon.

Name Parish District County Description
Stidcot Plat Tytherington Northavon Avon Located at Stidcot, near Tytherington, 4.75 km SE of Thornbury.
Whiteshill Common Winterbourne Northavon Avon Located between Pye Corner and Whiteshill, SW of Winterbourne.
Land at junction of Barrow Hill with Manor Farm. Wick and Abson Northavon Avon Located at minor road junction S of Wick, east of Bristol.
Hinton Common Dyrham and Hinton Northavon Avon Roadside verges along roads in and around Dyrham and Hinton.
Holbrook Common Wick and Abson Northavon Avon Roadside verge on minor road between Wick and Holbrook Common.
Additional parts to Lyde Green Pucklechurch Northavon Avon Verges located at Lyde Green, 1.75 km NW of Pucklechurch.
Hicks Common Pond Winterbourne Northavon Avon Located at Hicks Common, Winterbourne, to NE of Bristol.
Lyde Green Common Pucklechurch Northavon Avon Located at Lyde Green, 2 km NW of Pucklechurch.

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