Land Near Seaton

These are the registered parcels of common land near Seaton.

Name Parish District County Description
Scaur Bank, near High Seaton. Seaton Allerdale Cumbria Area of woodland, located to the S.E. of Seaton.
Seaton Common Seaton Holderness Humberside Located in the centre of Seaton, 4.5 kms W.S.W. of Hornsea.
Brick Dubs Field Seaton Allerdale Cumbria Located 0.75 kms N.E. of Seaton.
Whin Common Seaton Holderness Humberside Woodland, 1.25 kms north of Seaton and 4.5 kms west of Hornsea.
Canker Beck Site Seaton Allerdale Cumbria Partly wooded area, located 3.5 kms south of Maryport.

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