Land Near Shaftesbury

These are the registered parcels of common land near Shaftesbury.

Name Parish District County Description
Breach Common and St. James Common Shaftesbury North Dorset Dorset Land and verges located to SW of Shaftesbury.
Gore Clump Sutton Waldron North Dorset Dorset At minor road junction at Sutton Hill, 7 km SSE of Shaftesbury.
Village Pound East Orchard North Dorset Dorset Along minor road, E of West Orchard, 7 km SSW of Shaftesbury.
Breeze Hill and Melbury Hill Melbury Abbas North Dorset Dorset Melbury Wood on Charlton Down, 4 kms SE of Shaftesbury.
Semley and Gutch commons Semley Salisbury Wiltshire Lying in and around Semley and Gutch, 2.5 km NE of Shaftesbury.

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