Land Near Shrewsbury Atcham

These are the registered parcels of common land near Shrewsbury Atcham.

Name Parish District County Description
Old Pinfold Hardley Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Common on road junction at Bagley Marsh.
The Shrubs Little Ness Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Located 0.25km south of Valeswood, 0.5km east of Hopton.
The Cliffs Ruyton-xi-Towns/Little Ness Oswestry/Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Located north of Valeswood, 1km south of Brownhill.
Merrington Green Pimhill Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Located west of Merrington, 1.5km NE of Walford Heath.
The Knapps Church Pulverbatch Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Land on th SW edge of Pulverbatch.
The Moss, Lower Hopton. Great Ness Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Area at Lower Hopton, 1km NW of Hopton.
Common Lands of Manor of Stretton en le Dale and The Long Mynd All Stretton, Church Stretton, Ratlinghope and Wentnor. Shrewsbury + Atcham/South Shropshire Shropshire Large area to south of Woolstaston, west of Church Stretton.

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