Land Near Shropshire

These are the registered parcels of common land near Shropshire.

Name Parish District County Description
Bettws Pool Bettws-y-Crwyn South Shrops Shropshire Lakeside common near Bettws-y-Crwyn, NW of Quabbs.
The Moss, Lower Hopton. Great Ness Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Area at Lower Hopton, 1km NW of Hopton.
Whitchurch or Prees Heath Whitchurch Rural North Shrops Shropshire Land at Prees Heath, crossed by A41, 1km east of Tilstock.
Baveney Wood Common Neen Savage Bridgnorth Shropshire Strip of common at Baveney Wood, north of B4363.
Llynclys Hill Llanyblodwell and Llanymynech Oswestry Shropshire Common known as LLynclys Hill, 0.5km west Llynclys.
Brown Clee Hill (summit) Abdon South Shrops Shropshire Part of Clee Hill, 2km E of Abdon, 3km NE of Clee St. Margaret.
Hanway Common Richards Castle South Shrops Shropshire Common located 1.5km NW of Richards Castle.
Grimpo Common West Felton Oswestry Shropshire Located at Grimpo, 2km NE of West Felton.
Stoke Enclosure Stoke St. Milborough South Shrops Shropshire Part of Stoke Enclosure, 2km NE of Stoke St. Milborough.
Clee Liberty Clee St. Margaret Bridgnorth Shropshire Area known as Clee Liberty, to east of Clee St. Margaret.
Henley Common Acton Scott South Shrops Shropshire Part of Henley Common, 2km south of Acton Scott.

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