Land Near South Shrops

These are the registered parcels of common land near South Shrops.

Name Parish District County Description
Clee Hill Common Hopton Wafers, Coreley, Bitterley and Stoke St. Milborough. South Shrops Shropshire Located 2km east of Bitterley.
Rhos Fiddle Bettws-y-Crwyn South Shrops Shropshire Hilltop common to SW of Clun Forest, called Rhos Fiddle.
The Allotments Norbury South Shrops Shropshire Located on edge of Norbury Hill, 1.5km NW of Norbury.
Weston Hill Clee St. Margaret South Shrops Shropshire Located near Weston Hill, 1.5km west of Stoke St. Milborough.
Catherton Common Hopton Wafers and Farlow South Shrops Shropshire Located north of Lubberland, 3km NW of Hopton Wafers.
Temes Green Ashford Carbonel South Shrops Shropshire Land on river to west of Ashford Carbonel.
The Well and adjacent land, Obley. Clunbury South Shrops Shropshire Land near Obley, 4km west of Hopton Castle.
The Maypole Field Ashford Carbonel South Shrops Shropshire Land to north of Ashford Carbonel.
Cwms Common Church Stretton South Shrops Shropshire Located 1.25km NE of Church Stretton.
St. Milburgh's Well and The Pound Stoke St. Milborough South Shrops Shropshire Two parts, in Stoke St. Milborough settlement.
Silvington Common Wheathill South Shrops Shropshire Part of Silvington Common, 1km NE of Cleeton St. Mary.
Walton Hill Worthen South Shrops Shropshire Walton Hill, 5km SE of Welshpool, 1.5km NE of Trelystan.
Bettws Pool Bettws-y-Crwyn South Shrops Shropshire Lakeside common near Bettws-y-Crwyn, NW of Quabbs.
Henley Common Acton Scott South Shrops Shropshire Part of Henley Common, 2km south of Acton Scott.
Brown Clee Hill (summit) Abdon South Shrops Shropshire Part of Clee Hill, 2km E of Abdon, 3km NE of Clee St. Margaret.
Hanway Common Richards Castle South Shrops Shropshire Common located 1.5km NW of Richards Castle.
Wem Moss Wem Rural North Shrops Shropshire Located 1.5km NE of Northwood, near Hornspike
Goldstone Common Cheswardine North Shrops Shropshire Located 1km to NE of Lockley wood.
Brown Moss Whitchurch Rural North Shrops Shropshire Partly laked area 1km WSW of Ash Magna.
Marl Hole, Lockley Wood. Hinstock North Shrops Shropshire Located on A529 at Lockleywood.
Land at Hungry Hatton Childs Ercall North Shrops Shropshire Triangular Common at road junction 0.25km east of Hungryhatton.
Stoke Enclosure Stoke St. Milborough South Shrops Shropshire Part of Stoke Enclosure, 2km NE of Stoke St. Milborough.
The Moors or Commons Ellesmere North Shrops Shropshire Two parts on the edge of The Mere, 0.25km east of Ellesmere.
The Common, Hungry Hatton. Childs Ercall North Shrops Shropshire Located 0.5km north of Hungryhatton.
The Pound Hodnet North Shrops Shropshire Located at main road junction 1.5km NE of Hodnet.

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