Land Near Spaxton And Broomfield.

These are the registered parcels of common land near Spaxton And Broomfield..

Name Parish District County Description
Part of Merridge Hill. Spaxton and Broomfield. Sedgemoor Somerset Along minor road S of Timbercombe, 10.5 km SW of Bridgwater,
Broomfield Hill Common Broomfield Sedgemoor Somerset Located on Broomfield Hills, NW of Broomfield, SW of Bridgwater
Broomfield Common Broomfield Sedgemoor Somerset Woodland located at Rose Hill, east of Broomfield.
Pieces (14) of land in parish of Broomfield. Bromfield Allerdale Cumbria Fourteen pieces of land scattered in the Parish of Broomfield.
Broomfield Pond Formerly Herne Bay Canterbury Kent Located in Broomfield, S.E. of Herne Bay.
Merridge Hill Spaxton Sedgemoor Somerset Partly wooded area on Merridge Hill, 2 km E of West Bagborough.
Pond, (part of Parsonage Green). Broomfield Chelmsford Essex Located at Parsonage Green, 3 kms north of Chelmsford.

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