Land Near St Nicholas, Hurst

These are the registered parcels of common land near St Nicholas, Hurst.

Name Parish District County Description
Land in Whistley Green St Nicholas, Hurst Wokingham Berkshire Common on W side of A321 at Whistley Green.
Hurst Peat Moss Marrick Richmondshire North Yorkshire Located on Hurst Moor, 2.75 km ENE of Langthwaite.
Poor Lot Sydling St. Nicholas West Dorset Dorset Located on Ridge Hill, 2 km SE of Sydling St. Nicholas.
All Saints Common All Saints and St. Nicholas South Elmham Waveney Suffolk Land and verges in All Saints and St. Nicholas South Elmham.
Hurst Green and Holland Green Oxted Tandridge Surrey Located at Hurst Green, 11.75 kms east of Redhill.
Nicholas Common Winforton Leominster Hereford/Worcester Common located just N of Winforton
Land in Hurst Lane, Cumnor. Cumnor Vale of White Horse Oxfordshire Roadside verge located south of Cumnor Hill, S.W. of Oxford.
Copse near Mill Lane Oxted Tandridge Surrey Located along a minor road, in Hurst Green, south of Oxted.
Hurst Broad Piece Downham East Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire Located at a road junction south of Little Downham, NNW of Ely.
Sutton Rhea Sutton South Herefordshire Hereford/Worcester Located 0.5km S of Sutton St.Nicholas,NE of Hereford
The Hurst Mildenhall Forest Heath Suffolk Located on north edge of Mildenhall Woods, N.E. of Mildenhall.
Hambledon Common, Hambledon Hurst and Buss's Common. Hambledon Waverley Surrey Area of woodland, located at Hambledon, south of Godalming.
The Village Green and The Hurst, Sevenoaks Weald. Sevenoaks Weald Sevenoaks Kent Area of woodland, located to the south of Sevenoaks Weald.
Whittington Hurst Whittington Lichfield Staffordshire Located 2 kms north of Whittington and 4 kms ENE of Lichfield.

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