Land Near St. Columb Major

These are the registered parcels of common land near St. Columb Major.

Name Parish District County Description
Rosenannon Downs or Rosenannon Common St. Columb Major and St. Wenn Restormel Cornwall Downland at Scotland Corner, 5.25 km NE of St. Columb Major.
Land in Talskiddy. St. Columb Major Restormel Cornwall Located in Talskiddy, 1.5 km north of St. Columb Major.
Trefullock Moor St. Enoder Restormel Cornwall Located 0.75 km E of Summercourt, 7 km SSW of St. Columb Major.
Trewinnick Common St. Ervan North Cornwall Cornwall Heathland on Bear's Downs, 4.5 km NNW of St. Columb Major.
Tredinnick Downs Common St Issey North Cornwall Cornwall Heathland south of Cannalidgey, 4.5 km NE of St. Columb Major.
Rosenannon Downs St. Wenn Restormel Cornwall Located north of Rosenannon, 5 km NE of St. Columb Major.
Tregoss Moors Roche Restormel Cornwall Located east of Tregoss, 6.5 km SE of St. Columb Major.
Tregonetha Downs St. Wenn Restormel Cornwall Located in, N and S of Tregonetha, 4.5 km E of St. Columb Major
Beckingham Green Tolleshunt Major Maldon Essex Located in Tolleshunt Major, 6.5 kms N.E. of Maldon.
Land opposite Beckingham Hall, Tolleshunt Major. Tolleshunt Major Maldon Essex Roadside verge near Beckingham Hall, 7 kms N.E. of Maldon.

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