Land Near West Dorset

These are the registered parcels of common land near West Dorset.

Name Parish District County Description
Land south of Lime Pit Coppice Iwerne Minster North Dorset Dorset Woodland, 2 km W of Stubhampton, 7.5 km NNE of Bandford Forum.
Poor Allotment Frome St. Quintin West Dorset Dorset Lies 0.75 km SE of Frome St. Quintin, 4 km NNE of Maiden Newton
Land at Charlock Hill Castleton West Dorset Dorset Located along B 3148 on Charlock Hill, 3 km NW of Sherborne.
A plot south-west of Sherborne Road, Leigh. Leigh West Dorset Dorset Sited along minor road, 1 km E of Leigh, 4 km SE of Yetminster.
Poor Lot Sydling St. Nicholas West Dorset Dorset Located on Ridge Hill, 2 km SE of Sydling St. Nicholas.
Puzzle Drove Shillingstone North Dorset Dorset
Higher Fifehead Common Fifehead Neville North Dorset Dorset Along minor road S of Rivers Corner, S of Sturminster Newton.
Gore Clump Sutton Waldron North Dorset Dorset At minor road junction at Sutton Hill, 7 km SSE of Shaftesbury.
Forrest Deer Leases Gillingham North Dorset Dorset Along minor road near Huntingford, 3.5 km NE of Gillingham.
Land near Durweston Bridge Stourpaine North Dorset Dorset Adjacent to A 350 S of Stourpaine, 3 km NW of Blandford Forum.
Land near Lambert's Castle, Marshwood. Marshwood West Dorset Dorset Located W of Lambert's Castle Hill, 6.5 km E of Axminster.
Barrowlands Road Toller Porcorum West Dorset Dorset Verge located along minor road, 2 km SW of Toller Porcorum.
Beaminster Down Beaminster West Dorset Dorset Downland located 2.25 km NE of Beaminster.
Poundbury Camp Dorchester West Dorset Dorset Poundbury Camp, located on the north outskirts of Dorchester.
Land adjacent to road outside Pimperne Church. Pimperne North Dorset Dorset Located in Pimperne, 3.25 km NE of Bladford Forum.
Land to west of Cripplestyle Chapel Alderholt Wimborne Dorset Along minor road at Cripplestyle, 3.25 km SE of Cranborne.
Lydlinch Common Lydlinch North Dorset Dorset Part wooded unit W of Lydlinch, 4.5 km W of Sturminster Newton.
Tree Ring at the Chalk Crossroads. Iwerne Minster North Dorset Dorset Located in Iwerne Minster, 8 km NNW of Blandford Forum.
Tree Ring at Church Road. Iwerne Minster North Dorset Dorset Located in Iwerne Minster, 8 km NNW of Blandford Forum.
Land at Ibberton Ibberton North Dorset Dorset Located south of Ibberton, 9.5 km W of Blandford Forum.
Manor Waste Land Winterborne Zelston North Dorset Dorset Located in Winterborne Zelston, 11.5 km SW of Wimborne Minster.
Netmead Child Okeford North Dorset Dorset Along River Stour W of Child Okeford, NW of Blandford Forum.
Breach Common and St. James Common Shaftesbury North Dorset Dorset Land and verges located to SW of Shaftesbury.
The Parish Pit Milborne St. Andrew North Dorset Dorset On minor road W of Milborne St. Andrew, SW of Blandford Forum.
The Lawn Winterborne Houghton North Dorset Dorset Located in Winterborne Houghton, 6.5 km SW of Blandford Forum.

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