Land Near Wiltshire

These are the registered parcels of common land near Wiltshire.

Name Parish District County Description
North Meadow Cricklade North Wiltshire Wiltshire Located adjacent to River Thames, 0.75 km N of Cricklade.
Norrington Common Broughton Gifford West Wiltshire Wiltshire Located in Norrington Common, 1.75 km W of Melksham.
Land in Nettleton Nettleton North Wiltshire Wiltshire Located in Nettleton, 10 km NW of Chippenham.
Bulkington Drove Bulkington West Wiltshire Wiltshire Located 0.5 km S of Bulkington, 7.2 km SW of Devizes.
Foxley Green Norton North Wiltshire Wiltshire Located in Foxley Green, 3.75 km SW of Malmesbury.
Green Sward Wilcot Kennet Wiltshire Located west of A 345, between Oare and Pewsey.
Lydiard Plain Lydiard Millicent North Wiltshire Wiltshire Located at Lydiard Plain, 9.25 km WNW of Swindon.
Broughton Gifford Common Broughton Gifford West Wiltshire Wiltshire Located on N edge of Broughton Gifford, 2.5 km W of Melksham.
The Springhead Teffont Salisbury Wiltshire Roadside verge along minor road on north edge of Teffont Magna.
Holmere Common Whiteparish Salisbury Wiltshire Partly wooded unit at Earldoms Lodge, 1.75 km S of Whiteparish.
Village Green Chute Kennet Wiltshire Located at a minor road junction in Lower Chute.
Wilton Brail Great Bedwyn Kennet Wiltshire Deciduous woodland located 0.75 km NE of Wilton, ENE of Burbage
The Old Chalk Pit and Gravel Pit Mere Salisbury Wiltshire Located along B 3095, on the north edge of Mere.
Grovely Wood Wilton/Gt.Wishford/B'ford/Dinton/Stpl.Langford/Burcombe Without. Salisbury Wiltshire Extensive area of woodland located 2.75 km NW of Wilton.
Sam Bells Common Whiteparish Salisbury Wiltshire Woodland E of Cowesfield Green, 1.8 km E of Whiteparish.
The Pound Allcannings Kennet Wiltshire Along minor road in Allcannings, 6.5 km E of Devizes.
Southward Chalkpit Aldbourne Kennet Wiltshire Located on Southward Down, 3 km NNW of Ramsbury.
Hayters Wood Whiteparish Salisbury Wiltshire Woodland located 1.25 km SE of Whiteparish.
Three pieces of land in area of Clay Street, Whiteparish. Whiteparish Salisbury Wiltshire Located on the southern edge of Whiteparish.
The Old Chalk Pit Mere Salisbury Wiltshire Located north of A 303(T), 1.5 km ENE of Mere.
The Pond Aldbourne Kennet Wiltshire Located in Aldbourne, 7 km SW of Lambourn.
Common, Parkmoor, Roche Court, Pheasant and Old Rectory Ponds. Winterslow Salisbury Wiltshire Located around Middle Winterslow, NE of Salisbury.
Rowde Common Rowde Kennet Wiltshire Roadside verges located 0.8 km W of Rowde, 4 km NW of Devizes.
The Village Green and Village Pond. Bayden Kennet Wiltshire Located on north edge of Bayden, 4.5 km west of Lambourn.
Lockeridge Dene West Overton Kennet Wiltshire At minor road junction in Lockeridge Dene, SW of Marlborough.

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