Land Near Brampton Cumbria

These are the registered parcels of common land near Brampton Cumbria.

Name Parish District County Description
Chapel Moss Holme St Cuthbert Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.2 kms N.W. of Westnewton.
Scalerigg Gravel Pit Kirkoswald Eden Cumbria Located 1.4 kms west of Renwick.
Quarry at Chalkside. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 5 kms south of Thursby.
Park Tarn Long Marton Eden Cumbria Located 0.6 kms W.N.W. of Dufton.
Newtown Knott Beacon Muncaster Copeland Cumbria Located 1.25 kms S.E. of Ravenglass.
Skelgill Bank and Cat Bells. Above Derwent Allerdale Cumbria Located 3 kms S.S.W. of Keswick.
Manorial Waste Muncaster Copeland Cumbria Located 1 km east of Ravenglass.
Harghshaws Moss Holme St Cuthbert Allerdale Cumbria Located 2.75 kms N.W.of Westnewton.
Horses Hill Colton South Lakeland Cumbria Located at Bouth.
Hellgill Hartley Eden Cumbria Located 0.75 kms east of Kirkby Stephen.
Slate Fell Embleton Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.75 kms east of Cockermouth.
Malls Flow Solport Carlisle Cumbria Located 5.75 kms north of Boltonfellend.
Fell End Quarry Embleton Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.5 kms east of Cockermouth.
Whitrigglees Common Aikton Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.5 kms N.E. of Angerton and 2 kms N.E. of Kirkbride.
Lambfoot Quarry Embleton Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.5 kms east of Cockermouth.
Stone Hills Newby Eden Cumbria Located near Nateby, 1.75 kms S.W. of Morland.
Stone Quarry, Brocklebank. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 7.5 kms S.S.W. of Thursby.
Stockwell Spring Castle Sowerby Eden Cumbria Located 0.75 km S.E. of Churchtown.
Mill Moor Barton Eden Cumbria Near the northern end of Lake Ullswater, 5 kms S.W. of Penrith.
Bishop's Pot Mungrisdale Eden Cumbria A unit in two parts, located 0.6 kms S.E. of Haltcliff Bridge.
Land at Crooks Bridge. Hesket Eden Cumbria Located near Wreay, 8 kms S.E. of Carlisle.
Barons Cross Quarry Dacre Eden Cumbria Located on the N.W. edge of Stainton, along the A 66 (T).
Gypsy Square St John Beckermet Copeland Cumbria Located at Carleton, 1 km S.E. of Egremont.
Public Watering Place Bowness Allerdale Cumbria Located near Longcroft, 1.5 kms E.S.E. of Anthorn.
Old Quarry near Comb Bridge. Above Derwent Allerdale Cumbria An area of woodland, 5 kms W.N.W. of Keswick.

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