Land Near Brampton Cumbria

These are the registered parcels of common land near Brampton Cumbria.

Name Parish District County Description
Little Calva Underskiddaw Allerdale Cumbria Steep area of fell, located 6.5 kms N.N.E. of Keswick.
Cowfield Moss Holme Abbey Allerdale Cumbria Located 2.2 kms north of Westnewton.
Cockley Moss Holme St Cuthbert Allerdale Cumbria Located near Mealrigg, 2 kms N.W. of Westnewton.
Watering Place at East Curthwaite. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.75 kms S.E. of Thursby.
Hawkey Watering Place Hayton Carlisle Cumbria Located in How, 2.5 kms E.S.E. of Warwick Bridge.
Tarn Wadling Lazonby Eden Cumbria Located near Old Town, 1 km E.S.E. of High Hesket.
Land at NewbigginLand near Gleaston Aldingham South Lakeland Cumbria Located in NewbiggiȚ+
Pasture House Wood Aikton Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.2 kms south of Oughterby.
Land near New Yeats Inn. Castle Sowerby Eden Cumbria Located 0.75 kms N.E. of Haltcliff Bridge.
Public Quarry, Millrigg. Dacre Eden Cumbria Located 0.5 km E.N.E. of Greystoke Gill.
'Jenkin' Embleton Allerdale Cumbria Located on slopes of Long Fell, 4.3 kms S.E. of Cockermouth.
Watering Place at Howrigg. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 2.5 kms south of Thursby.
Watering Place, Rosley Crags. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 3.5 kms S.S.W. of Thursby.
Quarry Hill Brows Boltons Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.3 kms east of Mealsgate.
Low Laughing Boltons Allerdale Cumbria Small area of woodland, located 4.2 kms E.N.E. of Mealsgate.
Public Watering Place, Brackenthwaite. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located 4.5 kms S.E. of Wigton.
Piece of land south of Castlethwaite. Mallerstang Eden Cumbria Located 6 kms S.S.E. of Kirkby Stephen.
Rectory Moss Angerton South Lakeland Cumbria Located 1.5 kms north of Kirkby-in-Furness.
Ground for getting gravel at Chalkfoot Dalston Carlisle Cumbria Located near East Curthwaite, 2 kms S.E. of Thursby.
Herd House Moss Angerton South Lakeland Cumbria Located 1.5 kms N.W. of Kirkby-in-Furness.
Burton Fell Warcop Eden Cumbria Remote area of moorland, located 4 kms N.W. of Brough.
Murthwaite Park Ravenstonedale Eden Cumbria Partly wooded area, located 7.5 kms N.E. of Sedbergh.
Snowgill Quarry and road. Kirkoswald Eden Cumbria Located near Scale Houses, 2.25 kms N.W. of Renwick.
Briggle Quarry and road. Kirkoswald Eden Cumbria Located near Scale Houses, 2 kms N.W. of Renwick.
Quarry near Moorethwaite) Cumwhitton Carlisle Cumbria Small area of woodland, located near Moorthwaite.

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