Land Near Hertfordshire Dyes Lane

These are the registered parcels of common land near Hertfordshire Dyes Lane.

Name Parish District County Description
Land in Delmer End Lane and Singlers Lane. Flamstead Dacorum Hertfordshire Located at minor road junction in Flamstead, west of Harpenden.
Land at southern end of Collins Green, (along Netley Lane). Therfield North Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Located adjacent to an RUPP, 2.25 kms S.S.W. of Therfield.
Spinney and Waste along southern side of Layston Church Lane. Buntingford East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Roadside verge located N.E. of Buntingford.
Blind Lane Green Standon East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Located at Wellpond Green, 7 kms west of Bishops Stortford.
Roadside verges in Pembridge Lane. Brickendon Liberty East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Located 1 km S.E. of Brickendon, 2 kms west of Broxbourne.
Margery Lane Tewin East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Located 0.5 kms west of Tewin, and E.N.E of Welwyn Garden City.
Church Lane Green Buntingford East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Located on a minor road, 0.75 kms N.E. of Buntingford.
A Green near Blackfield House in Mangrove Lane Brickendon Liberty East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Located 2.25 kms N.E. of Brickendon Liberty, south of Hertford.
Track from Bradden Lane Great Gaddesden Dacorum Hertfordshire Located 1 km S.W. of Jockey End, north of Hemel Hempstead.
Roadside Waste at Rowley Lane Elstree and Ridge Hertsmere Hertfordshire Located along a minor road, 1.75 kms N.E. of Borehamwood.
The Green, Rectory Lane. Watton-at-Stone East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Located in Watton-at-Stone, 7.75 kms N.W. of Ware.
Green Lane and Heavens Wood Great Gaddesden and Flamstead. Dacorum Hertfordshire Woodland located at Holtsmere End, 3 kms west of Redbourn.
Roadside verges in Brickendon Lane. Brickendon Liberty East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Verges located north of Brickendon, 2.5 kms south of Hertford.
Verges of Queen Hoo Lane and Tewin Hill and land in Tewin. Tewin East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Pieces of roadside verge, east of Tewin wood.
Wash Lane Common and Bridgefoot. Formerly Potters Bar Hertsmere Hertfordshire Located adjacent to Mimmshall Brook, 2 kms S.W. of Potters Bar.
Waste Land in Cherry Tree Lane Wheathampstead St. Albans Hertfordshire Located at Leasey Bridge, 1.5 kms west of Wheathampstead.
Land at junction of Batchworth Lane and Sandy Lodge Way. Rickmansworth Three Rivers Hertfordshire Located north of Northwood, 4 kms S.E. of Rickmansworth.
Green Lane Flamstead Dacorum Hertfordshire Verge located south of Flamstead and 3 kms west of Redbourn.
Dean Lane Flamstead Dacorum Hertfordshire Located at Ballingdon Bottom, 3 kms west of Flamstead.
Pockets Dell Lane Bovingdon Dacorum Hertfordshire Located at Pudds Cross, 1.5 kms S.W. of Bovingdon.
Land north of stream, Warrengate Lane, Potters Bar. Formerly Potters Bar Hertsmere Hertfordshire Located near Mymms Hall, N.W. of Potters Bar.
Sand Pit Lane Wastes St. Albans St. Albans Hertfordshire Pieces of roadside verge located in St. Albans.
Roadside Waste from the Halfway Public House to Church Lane. Bovingdon Dacorum Hertfordshire Roadside verge in Bovingdon, S.W. of Hemel Hempstead.
Cob Lane Common Welwyn Welwyn Hatfield Hertfordshire Near Welwyn N Station, on N.E. outskirts of Welwyn Garden City.
Land at Keepers Cottage, Pennyfathers Lane, Harmer Green. Welwyn Welwyn Hatfield Hertfordshire Located at Harmer Green, 2.5 kms east of Welwyn.

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