Land Near Hoptonwafers,coreley,bitterleyandstokest.milborough

These are the registered parcels of common land near Hoptonwafers,coreley,bitterleyandstokest.milborough.

Name Parish District County Description
Clee Hill Common Hopton Wafers, Coreley, Bitterley and Stoke St. Milborough. South Shrops Shropshire Located 2km east of Bitterley.
St. Milburgh's Well and The Pound Stoke St. Milborough South Shrops Shropshire Two parts, in Stoke St. Milborough settlement.
Stoke Enclosure Stoke St. Milborough South Shrops Shropshire Part of Stoke Enclosure, 2km NE of Stoke St. Milborough.
Weston Hill Clee St. Margaret South Shrops Shropshire Located near Weston Hill, 1.5km west of Stoke St. Milborough.

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