Land Near Littleborough

These are the registered parcels of common land near Littleborough.

Name Parish District County Description
Butterworth or Bleakdale Common Formerly Littleborough Rochdale West Yorkshire Moorland located SE of Littleborough, 6.25 km east of Rochdale.
The Foreshore and Front and Littlebrough Ferry Sturton le Steeple Bassetlaw Nottinghamshire Along River Trent at Littleborough, 7 kms south of Gainsborough
Shore Moor Formerly Wardle / Formerly Littleborough Rochdale (Greater Manchester) Lancashire Moorland, located west of Calderbrook, 5 kms N.E. of Rochdale.
Rishworth Moor Ripponden Calderdale West Yorkshire Lies 3.5 kms east of Littleborough and 2.5 kms SW of Ripponden.
Blackstone Edge Common Todmorden (and part Rochdale Borough, Greater Manchester) Calderdale and Rochdale West Yorkshire Moor, 1.5 kms east of Littleborough, 4.25 kms SE of Todmorden.

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