Land Near Planet Road

These are the registered parcels of common land near Planet Road.

Name Parish District County Description
Land in Thornton Common Road Formerly Thornton Hough Wirral Merseyside Located along minor road, 2.5 kms E.N.E of Thornton Hough.
Junction of Newton Road and Church Road, (including pump). Stoke Hammond Aylesbury Vale Buckinghamshire Common in centre of Stoke Hammond.
Dyke in Rectory Road Tydd St. Mary South Holland Lincolnshire Along a minor road in Tydd St. Mary, 8.75 kms NNW of Wisbech.
Roadside verge on Earls Croome to Pershore Road. Earls Croome Malvern Hills Hereford/Worcester Located on minor road,0.5km NE of Earls Croome
Land off London Road, Markfield. Markfield Hinckley and Bosworth Leicestershire Located along minor road 1 km SE of Markfield.
Land on Arbor Road, Croft. Croft Blaby Leicestershire Located along minor road in Croft, 8.5 kms NE of Hinckley.
Park Road Waste Ipstones Staffordshire Moorlands Staffordshire Located along a minor road on the NE edge of Ipstones.
The Avenue, Great Norton Road, Welwyn. Welwyn Welwyn Hatfield Hertfordshire Along a minor road, west of Oaklands, 1.75 kms N.E. of Welwyn.
Waste of the Manor in Milland Road Milland Chichester West Sussex At road junction,0.75km S of Milland Marsh,W of Lydford Farm.
Lickfold Green Lodsworth Chichester West Sussex Along road and road triangle,at Lickfold,2.5km E of Henley.
Land adjoining Church Lane, St. Mary's Church and Fawley Road. Fawley Wycombe Buckinghamshire Common along road at Fawley settlement.
Land adjacent to White House Road, Sevenoaks Weald. Sevenoaks Weald Sevenoaks Kent Located along a minor road at Bayley's Hill, south of Sevenoaks
Land on south side of Yapham to Pocklington Road, Yapham. Yapham East Yorkshire Humberside Located along minor road in Yapham, 3 kms N.W. of Pocklington.
Land at end of New Road, Selsley. Kings Stanley Stroud Gloucestershire Along minor road in Selsley, 2 km SW of Stroud.
Land at junction of High Street and Hadham Road, Standon. Standon East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Located at minor road junction in Standon, 8.75 kms NE of Ware.
Land in Soar Road, Quorndon. Quorndon Charnwood Leicestershire Located between B road and River Soar on NE edge of Quorndon.
Barrowlands Road Toller Porcorum West Dorset Dorset Verge located along minor road, 2 km SW of Toller Porcorum.
Land adjoining Wykin Road Formerly Hinckley Hinckley and Bosworth Leicestershire Located along minor road in Wykin, 2.5 kms NW of Hinckley.
Road triangle at Tignals Headley East Hampshire Hampshire At minor road junction at Tignals, 1.5 kms north of Headley.
Junction of Main Street and Manor road, Market Harborough. Formerly Market Harborough Harborough Leicestershire Sited along minor road in Great Bowden, NE of Market Harborough
A plot south-west of Sherborne Road, Leigh. Leigh West Dorset Dorset Sited along minor road, 1 km E of Leigh, 4 km SE of Yetminster.
Land in Sutton Road and Welham Road, Market Harborough. Formerly Market Harborough Harborough Leicestershire Located on NE edge of Great Bowden, NE of Market Harborough.
Land in Bridge Street Road, Long Melford. Long Melford Babergh Suffolk Verges along a minor road east of Bridge Street.
Six pieces adjoining Little Morton Road , North Wingfield. North Wingfield North East Derbyshire Derbyshire Roadside verges along minor road on S edge of North Wingfield.
The Green, Totham Hill Green Road. Great Totham Maldon Essex Located at minor road junction, in Totham Hill, N.E. of Maldon.

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