Land Near Roockery Coppice

These are the registered parcels of common land near Roockery Coppice.

Name Parish District County Description
Hackley Common Sarnesfield Leominster Hereford/Worcester Located 2km to SE of Woonton on edge of Sarnesfield Coppice
Land south of Lime Pit Coppice Iwerne Minster North Dorset Dorset Woodland, 2 km W of Stubhampton, 7.5 km NNE of Bandford Forum.
Land including Pond and Coppice, adjoining Compton Green. Newent Forest of Dean Gloucestershire Located at Compton Green near Staunton, 16 km SW of Tewkesbury.
Lightwood Coppice Hinstock North Shrops Shropshire Located at Lightwood, 0.75km north of Lockleywood.
Part of Newmer Common Formerly High Wycombe Wycombe Buckinghamshire Common to W of Spring Coppice,to SW of High Wycombe.

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