Land Near Sittingbourne

These are the registered parcels of common land near Sittingbourne.

Name Parish District County Description
Manorial Waste at Howt Green Formerly Sittingbourne and Milton Swale Kent Roadside verge, located 2.25 kms N.W. of Sittingbourne.
Land at Barrow Green Teynham Swale Kent Located 1 km west of Teynham, S.E. of Sittingbourne.
Manorial Waste at The Street Wormshill Maidstone Kent Located in the centre of Wormshill, S.S.W. of Sittingbourne
Webb End Ditch Pond Bobbing Swale Kent Located in Bobbing, 2 kms N.W. of Sittingbourne.
Land at entrance of St Mary's Church, Newington. Newington Swale Kent Located in Newington, 4.5 kms N.W. of Sittingbourne.
Howt Green Bobbing Swale Kent Located at Howt Green, 2 kms N.W, of Sittingbourne.

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