Land Near South Downs National Park Ebernoe

These are the registered parcels of common land near South Downs National Park Ebernoe.

Name Parish District County Description
Hardhead Downs and Carburrow Tor. Warleggan Caradon Cornwall Moorland located SW of Colliford Lake, 4 km NW of St. Neot.
Small Downs St Cleer Caradon Cornwall Moorland located between Common Moor and Higher Tremarcoombe.
Blackheath Lewisham/Greenwich LB Lewisham/Greenwich LB Greater London Located to the south of Greenwich Park, Greenwich.
Rabley Park Ridge Hertsmere Hertfordshire Located at Reeves Hall, 4 kms west of Potters Bar.
Old Quarries Woolaston Forest of Dean Gloucestershire Located west of Park Hill, 6.5 km NE of Chepstow.
Hoar Side Moor and Park Heptonstall Calderdale West Yorkshire Moorland located 5 kms N.N.W. of Todmorden.
Park opposite Village Hall. Bredon Wychavon Hereford/Worcester Common located in Bredon,1.5km W of Kemerton
Trewinnick Common St. Ervan North Cornwall Cornwall Heathland on Bear's Downs, 4.5 km NNW of St. Columb Major.
Racecourse Downs Blisland North Cornwall Cornwall Heathland located adjacent to A 30(T), 2.5 km ESE of Helland.
Tolborough Downs, Bolventor. Altarnun North Cornwall Cornwall Moorland located on Bodmin Moor, 1.25 km NW of Belventor.
Park Common Drove Whittlesey Fenland Cambridgeshire Located on the north edge of Whittlesey, east of Peterborough.
Hallas Rough Park Formerly Bingley Bradford West Yorkshire Moorland and disused quarry, between Oxenhope and Cullingworth.
Climbing Jack Common Richard's Castle Leominster Hereford/Worcester Located in Hay Park Wood,3km NW of Richards Castle
Western Car Park or Landing Ground, (for seaweed). Breage Kerrier Cornwall Located on the cliffs on the west edge of Praa Sands.
Western Car Park or Landing Ground (part). Breage Kerrier Cornwall Located on the cliffs on the west edge of Praa Sands.
Common and Waste, Wheal Butson. St. Agnes Carrick Cornwall At minor road junction near Mithion Downs, 2 km SE of St. Agnes
Clent and Gappelter Commons Clent Bromsgrove Hereford/Worcester Common located between Hagley Park and Clent
Goonzion Downs St Neot Caradon Cornwall Area of downland located west of St Neot.
Rosenannon Downs St. Wenn Restormel Cornwall Located north of Rosenannon, 5 km NE of St. Columb Major.
Car park in front of 'Windmill Tea Rooms', with Telephone Box. Stapleford East Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Located along High Road in Waterford, N.W. of Hertford.
Crousa Downs St. Keverne Kerrier Cornwall Located at Crousa Common, 1.5 km NW of Coverack.
Treskilling Downs Luxulyan Restormel Cornwall Located 1.5 km west of Luxulyan, 5.5 km NE of St. Austell.
Crift Downs Lanlivery Restormel Cornwall Located SE of Crift, 3.5 km west of Lostwithiel.
Tregonetha Downs St. Wenn Restormel Cornwall Located in, N and S of Tregonetha, 4.5 km E of St. Columb Major
Tresayes Downs Roche Restormel Cornwall Located 1.75 km SE of Roche, 6.5 km NW of St. Austell.

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