Land Near Stafford Lake

These are the registered parcels of common land near Stafford Lake.

Name Parish District County Description
Stafford Common Marston, Creswell and formerly Stafford Stafford Staffordshire Stafford Common located on the northern outskirts of Stafford.
Dale Common Haughton Stafford Staffordshire Located at Haughtondale, 5 kms SW of Stafford.
Haywood Warren and Satnall Hills Colwich Stafford Staffordshire Partly wooded unit located SW of Colwich, 7.5 km SE of Stafford
Part of Lake Ullswater. Dacre Eden Cumbria Located at the northern end of Ullswater Lake, at Pooley Bridge
Parts of Lake Ullswater and its forshore. Patterdale / Martindale / Barton Eden Cumbria Lake Ullswater, located 5.5 kms S.W. of Penrith.
Piece of land between public road and Lake Windermere. Lakes South Lakeland Cumbria Located adjacent to Lake Windermere, 1.5 kms S.E of Ambleside.
Milford Common Berkswich Stafford Staffordshire Located south of A 513 at Milford, 5.5 kms SE of Stafford.
Parish Boat Landings and approach road, Bassenthwaite Lake. Bassenthwaite Allerdale Cumbria On the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake, 7.5 kms N.W. of Keswick.
Milford Common Berkswich Stafford Staffordshire Located at Milford, 5.6 kms SE of Stafford.
Part of Ullswater Lake. Matterdale Eden Cumbria Part of Ullswater Lake, located near Watermillock.
Lake End Common Dorney South Bucks Buckinghamshire Common S of M4,W of B3026,at Lake End.
Allimore Green Common Haughton Stafford Staffordshire Located at Allimore Green, 7 kms SW of Stafford.
Church Eaton Common Church Eaton Stafford Staffordshire Located 0.75 km SE of Church Eaton, 9 kms SW of Stafford.
Mill Moor Barton Eden Cumbria Near the northern end of Lake Ullswater, 5 kms S.W. of Penrith.
Offley Marsh Common Land Adbaston Stafford Staffordshire Located at Offleymarsh, 4.75 kms west of Eccleshall.
Ash Landing Claife South Lakeland Cumbria On the west shore of Lake Windermere, 1.25 kms N.N.W. of Storrs
Watermillock Common Matterdale Eden Cumbria Remote area of fell, located to the north of Lake Ullswater.
Fair Oak Green Eccleshall Stafford Staffordshire Sited along minor road north of Fairoak, 8 kms NW of Eccleshall
Barton Fell Barton Eden Cumbria Located east of Lake Ullswater, 5 kms S.S.W. of Penrith.
Gravel Hole Eccleshall Stafford Staffordshire Located between Copmere End and Offleyrock, WNW of Eccleshall.
Craddock Moor (part) St. Cleer Caradon Cornwall Located east of Sibleyback Lake, 5 km WNW of Pensilva.
Hardhead Downs and Carburrow Tor. Warleggan Caradon Cornwall Moorland located SW of Colliford Lake, 4 km NW of St. Neot.
Bellman Landing Windermere South Lakeland Cumbria Located adjacent to Lake Windermere, at Storrs.
Yarnfield Green Swynnerton Stafford Staffordshire Located in Yarnfield, 3.75 kms SW of Stone.
Dewey Marsh Warleggan North Cornwall Cornwall Located 1km west of Colliford Lake, just to NE of Tiptreehall.

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