Land Near West Felton Shropshire

These are the registered parcels of common land near West Felton Shropshire.

Name Parish District County Description
The Stiperstones Worthen South Shrops Shropshire Land near Devil's Chair, 3km east of Shelve.
The School Ground Myndtown South Shrops Shropshire Land 0.75km north of Asterton.
Trebrodier Turbary Bettws-y-Crwyn South Shrops Shropshire Along roadside 1km north of Llanllwyd.
O.S. Field No. 252 on The Long Mynd. Myndtown South Shrops Shropshire Located 0.25km SE of Asterton.
Old Pinfold Hardley Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Common on road junction at Bagley Marsh.
Land near The Square Bucknell South Shrops Shropshire Located near the river in the east of Bucknall.
Old Quarry Stanton Lacy South Shrops Shropshire Located on road to north of Haytons Bent.
The Shrubs Little Ness Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Located 0.25km south of Valeswood, 0.5km east of Hopton.
Brown Moss Whitchurch Rural North Shrops Shropshire Partly laked area 1km WSW of Ash Magna.
Marl Hole, Lockley Wood. Hinstock North Shrops Shropshire Located on A529 at Lockleywood.
Rhiwgantine Turbary Bettws-y-Crwyn South Shrops Shropshire Located beside minor roads, 1.5km north of Llanllwyd.
The Turbaries, Obley. Clunbury South Shrops Shropshire Wooded area at Black Hill, NE of Fiddler's Elbow.
The Cliffs Ruyton-xi-Towns/Little Ness Oswestry/Shrewsbury + Atcham Shropshire Located north of Valeswood, 1km south of Brownhill.
Land at Hungry Hatton Childs Ercall North Shrops Shropshire Triangular Common at road junction 0.25km east of Hungryhatton.
Oreton Common Farlow Bridgnorth Shropshire Roadside common in west of Oreton.
Llynclys Hill Llanyblodwell and Llanymynech Oswestry Shropshire Common known as LLynclys Hill, 0.5km west Llynclys.
Overton Common Richards Castle South Shrops Shropshire Wooded area edging B4361, SW of Overton.
The Moors or Commons Ellesmere North Shrops Shropshire Two parts on the edge of The Mere, 0.25km east of Ellesmere.
Gravel Hole, Dudleston. Ellesmere Oswestry Shropshire Located on south side of Dudleston Heath (Criftins).
Squires Hill Turbary Clun South shrops Shropshire Wooded area at Stow Hill, 3km NE of Knighton.
Steel Heath Whitchurch Rural and Prees North Shrops Shropshire Common at Steal Heath, 1.5km south of Tilstock.
Pike Common Neen Savage Bridgnorth Shropshire Riverside common, 0.5km north of Cleobury Mortimer.
The Common, Hungry Hatton. Childs Ercall North Shrops Shropshire Located 0.5km north of Hungryhatton.
Paper Mill Alveley Bridgnorth Shropshire Land near A442 and Lake House, 1.5km north of Alveley.
The Quabbs Llanfair Waterdine South Shrops Shropshire Common located 0.25km east of Quabbs.

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