Land Near Westend Nupend Common Land

These are the registered parcels of common land near Westend Nupend Common Land.

Name Parish District County Description
Henley Common Acton Scott South Shrops Shropshire Land on SE side of Henley.
Rackwood Hill Common Land Hamsterley, South Bedburn and Lynesack and Softley. Teesdale Durham Located SW of Hamsterley, 10 km WNW of Bishop Auckland.
Land at Littlehurst Farm, (part of Stringer's Common). Worplesdon Guildford Surrey Partly wooded area, located on the northern edge of Guildford.
Land at Monument Chaddleworth Newbury Berkshire Common to E of A338,on Woolley Down,by monument.
Land at Rockwell End Hambledon Wycombe Buckinghamshire Common at road junction,at Rockwell End.
Land in Hyde Heath Chartridge Chiltern Buckinghamshire Common S of B485,near Hyde Ho.
Land E of Riseley Swallowfield Wokingham Berkshire Common at road junction,1km E of Riseley.
Land by Roebuck Wood Hermitage Newbury Berkshire Common S of M4, W of B4009 in NW Hermitage.
Land by M4 near Sindlesham Winnersh Wokingham Berkshire Common at junction of M4/A329 0.5km E of Sindlesham.
Allendale Common and land at Mohope Moor and Pinch Park. Allendale and West Allen Tynedale Northumberland Extensive area of moorland, located N.E and N.W of Allenheads.
Land at Asheridge Chartridge Chiltern Buckinghamshire Common within Asheridge,along road.
Land at Little Frieth Hambledon Wycombe Buckinghamshire Common on road in NW of Frieth.
No Man's Land Winsley West Wiltshire Wiltshire Land and verge along minor road N of Conkwell, 4.5 SE of Bath.
Land in front of Davenies Barn, Beaconsfield. Beaconsfield South Bucks Buckinghamshire Common along E side of B474,S of railway in Beaconsfield.
Land north of Haynes Farm, Copthorne. Worth Mid Sussex West Sussex Strip of common,in SE side of Copthorne.
Five pieces of land in the Parish of Lazonby. Lazonby Eden Cumbria Land located in, to the N.E and S.W. of Lazonby.
Land along Slough-Beaconsfield Road by All Saints Church. Beaconsfield South Bucks Buckinghamshire Common on S side of A40,on SE of Beaconsfield.
Land adjoining School Lane, Copthorne. Worth Mid Sussex West Sussex Common in centre of Copthorne.
Land near Cockpole Green, and in Hurley Hurley Windsor and Maidenhead Berkshire Numerous parcels of common throughout Hurley parish.
Land adjoining Orpington House West Wycombe Rural Wycombe Buckinghamshire Common to N of High Wycombe,near the monument.
Land in front of Council Hall, Beaconsfield. Beaconsfield South Bucks Buckinghamshire Common E of B474,N of railway in Beaconsfield.
Land fronting Holly House and Lyndhurst and other land. Pendleton Ribble Valley Lancashire Located in Pendleton, 3 kms S.E. of Clitheroe.
Land near Lowicks House, Frensham Common. Frensham Waverley Surrey Area of water, located 1.75 kms S.E. of Frensham.
Tretire Common Tretire with Michaelchurch South Herefordshire Hereford/Worcester Land on W side of B4521 at Tretire
Roadside land E of Leckhampstead Leckhampstead Newbury Berkshire Common on W side of Leckhampstead,on road,E of Highfield House.

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