Land Near Hawkesbury

These are the registered parcels of common land near Hawkesbury.

Name Parish District County Description
The Pounds (two parts) Hawkesbury Northavon Avon Sited in Hawkesbury & Hawkesbury Upton, NE of Chipping Sodbury.
Assley, Hareley, Hawkesbury and Inglestone Commons. Hawkesbury Northavon Avon Land and verge located between Wickwar and Hawkesbury Upton.
The Pool Hawkesbury Northavon Avon On NE edge of Hawkesbury Upton, 7 km NE of Chipping Sodbury.
Tracts of land including South Moons Rising and other woodland Hawkesbury Northavon Avon Woodland 1.25 km ESE of Wickwar, 5.75 km N of Chipping Sodbury.

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