Land Near Hereford

These are the registered parcels of common land near Hereford.

Name Parish District County Description
The Rocks Common Hentland South Herefordshire Hereford/Worcester Alongside River Wye,1km S of Hoarwithy
Ashmoor Common Kempsey Malvern Hills Hereford/Worcester Located NE of Clifton,2.5km S of Kempsey
Common Marsh Bodenham Leominster Hereford/Worcester Located 2.5km SE of Bodenham,1.5km SW of Maund Bryan
The Purlieu Colwall and Mathon Malvern Hills Hereford/Worcester Located 1.5km N of Colwall Stone
Sally's Common Kinnersley Leominster Hereford/Worcester Located 1.25km NE of Kinnersley,S of Newchurch
Moor Meadow Bridstow South Herefordshire Hereford/Worcester Land near river,0.5km S of Wilton
Lugg Green Kingsland Leominster Hereford/Worcester Adjacent to road junction,0.75km NE of Kingsland
Land on Hitterhill Bewdley Wyre Forest Hereford/Worcester On the outskirts of Kidderminster,0.75km N of Bewdley
New House Patch Dorstone South Herefordshire Hereford/Worcester Located 1.5km SW of Nant-y-Bar,E of Cusop Hill
Dunfield Peak Kington Rural Leominster Hereford/Worcester Located on Bradnor Hill,3km NW of Kington
Poor's Wood Wigmore Leominster Hereford/Worcester Follows minor road,2km W of Wigmore,1km N of Ongar Street
Westmancote Dock Bredon Wychavon Hereford/Worcester Located in N of Bredon,adjacent to River Avon
Aulden Common Leominster Leominster Hereford/Worcester Located in centre of Audlen,1.5km S of Ivington Green
The Pound and The Village Green Beckford Wychavon Hereford/Worcester In two parts,on minor road in Beckford
Old Quarry Walford South Herefordshire Hereford/Worcester Located E of B4228, 0.75km SW of Leys Hill
Roadside verge. Colwall Malvern Hills Hereford/Worcester Roadside Common at Brand Green
Land adjoining Wapley Green Byton Leominster Hereford/Worcester Adjacent to B4362,1km S of Byton
Coney Cuthill Common Cradley Malvern Hills Hereford/Worcester Located 0.5km N of Halesend,1.5km N of Cradley
Oldwood Common Tenbury Leominster Hereford/Worcester Adjacent to main road,1.5km SW of Tenbury Wells
Brownheath Common Martin Hussingtree Wychavon Hereford/Worcester Located 1.5km E of Martin Hussington,3km S of Droitwich
Old Road Michaelchurch Escley South Herefordshire Hereford/Worcester Land at Llanrosser, 2.75km SW of Snodhill
Dodderhill or Pipershill Common Dodderhill Wychavon Hereford/Worcester Located at Pipers Hill,1.5km N of Hanbury
West Lawn Common Peterchurch South Herefordshire Hereford/Worcester Located 1.5km W of Snodhill, 2km SW of Dorstone
Lucton Common Aymestrey Leominster Hereford/Worcester Located 1.75km NE of Mortimers Cross,1km NW of Lucton
Darby Green Doddenham Malvern Hills Hereford/Worcester Common adjacent to A44,at Darbys Green

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