Land Near Winscombe

These are the registered parcels of common land near Winscombe.

Name Parish District County Description
Area N.E. of Shute Shelve Tunnel, Winscombe. Winscombe Woodspring Avon Located east of A 38 between Axbridge and Winscombe.
Church Hill Churchill Woodspring Avon Partly wooded area south of Churchill, 2.75 km NE of Winscombe.
Shipham Green and the Sidealong. Shipham Sedgemoor Somerset Located in Shipham, 2.25 km east of Winscombe.
Crooks Peak and Compton Bishop Hill. Compton Bishop Sedgemoor Somerset Downland located E of Webbington, 1.75 km SW of Winscombe.
Land in parishes of Compton Bishop and Axbridge. Compton Bishop and Axbridge Sedgemoor Somerset Sited on Wavering Down and Shute Shelve Hill, SW/S of Winscombe

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