Land Near Torridge

These are the registered parcels of common land near Torridge.

Name Parish District County Description
Common Land Great Torrington Torridge Devon Located near River Torridge, on west side of Taddiport.
Stowford Moor Langtree Torridge Devon Located 0.25 km E of Berry Cross, 4.5 km SW of Great Torrington
Common Moor Langtree Torridge Devon Located NE of East Bradworthy, 12.5 km south of Bideford.
Hollacombe Moor Winkleigh and Ashreigney. Torridge Devon Located 2 km east of Dolton, 12 km SE of Great Torrington.
Whiteleigh Meadow Bradford and Black Torrington Torridge Devon Located 0.5 km SSE of Brandis Corner, 7 km east of Holsworthy.
The Green, Ashmansworthy. Woolfardisworthy Torridge Devon Located in Ashmansworthy, 14 km SW of Bideford.
The Square Sheepwash Torridge Devon Located in Sheepwash, 5.75 km NW of Hatherleigh.
Hardstone Langtree Torridge Devon Sited 0.25 km NE of Langtree Week, 4 km SW of Great Torrington.
Common Moor Holsworthy Hamlets Torridge Devon Located SW of Headon, 3 km SE of Holsworthy.
Bursdon Moor Hartland Torridge Devon Moorland located north of Bursdon, 6 km SW of Clovelly.
Beaford Moor Beaford Torridge Devon Located 2 km east of Beaford, 8 km SE of Great Torrington.
Northam Burrows Northam Torridge Devon On coast N of Northam and W of Appledore, 3 km N of Bideford.
Langtree Moor Langtree Torridge Devon Located 0.5 km SW of Langtree, 12 km south of Bideford.
Bradworthy Common Bradworthy Torridge Devon Located 0.5 km north of Bradworthy, 14 km NE of Bude.
Extension of Roborough Common Roborough Torridge Devon Located 1.75 km SE of Roborough.
Thorne Moor Buckland Brewer Torridge Devon At minor road junction at Thorne Moor, 10.5 km SW of Bideford.
Milford Common Hartland Torridge Devon Sited on the coast 4 km south of Hartland Point, near Milford.
Chapman's Green Milton Damerel Torridge Devon Lies 1.5 km SW of Milton Damerel near Wonford, NE of Holsworthy
The Green Buckland Brewer Torridge Devon Located in centre of Buckland Brewer, 6.5 km SW of Bideford.
Land near Birchill Langtree Torridge Devon Located along stream east of Birchill, 2 km NE of Langtree.
Prestacott Common Ashwater Torridge Devon Located in Higher Prestacott, 1 km NE of Ashwater.
Common Moor East Putford and West Putford. Torridge Devon Located 1.5 km N of East Putford, 11.5 km SW of Bideford.
Waste land opposite the Post Office, Weare Gifford. Weare Gifford Torridge Devon Located in Weare Gifford, 4.5 km SE of Bideford.
Great Torrington Common Great Torrington Torridge Devon Unit in three parts, located around Great Torrington.
Langtree Common Langtree Torridge Devon Along stream south of Langtree Common, 10 km south of Bideford.

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