Land Near Allerdale

These are the registered parcels of common land near Allerdale.

Name Parish District County Description
Peat Moss Bowness Allerdale Cumbria Located 1.5 kms south of Bowness on Solway.
Part of Field no. 38 at Parton. Thursby Allerdale Cumbria Located at Parton, 3.25 kms N.E. of Wigton.
Braithwaite Common Above Derwent Allerdale Cumbria A unit in two parts, located 0.75 kms S.W. of Braithwaite.
Seat How Embleton Allerdale Cumbria Located north of Embleton, 4.75 kms east of Cockermouth.
Land near'East House'. Wythop Allerdale Cumbria Located 0.75 kms E.N.E. of Wythop Mill.
Lambfoot Pond Embleton Allerdale Cumbria Located at Lambfoot, 3.5 kms east of Cockermouth.
The Quarry, Applethwaite. Underskiddaw Allerdale Cumbria Located at Applethwaite, 1.75 kms north of Keswick.
Common Land at Sandale. Boltons Allerdale Cumbria Located at Sandale, 2 kms E.S.E. of Boltongate.
Two pieces of land near Easton. Bowness Allerdale Cumbria Located at Easton, 1.25 kms S.E. of Drumburgh.
Public Watering Place near Street. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located at Street, 1.75 kms S.E. of Wigton.
Long Crag Above Derwent Allerdale Cumbria Loacted west of Braithwaite, 3.5 kms west of Keswick.
Brackenthwaite Hows Buttermere Allerdale Cumbria Partly wooded area, located at Brackenthwaite.
Public Watering Place, Beckbottom. Westward Allerdale Cumbria Located at Beckbottom, 2.75 kms S.E. of Wigton.
OS field no. 233, Derwent Township. Above Derwent Allerdale Cumbria Area of woodland, located 5.5 kms W.N.W. of Keswick.
Atkinson Common (Field no. 614) Bassenthwaite Allerdale Cumbria Remote area, located 1.5 kms E.S.E. of Bassenthwaite.
Golf Links Quarry Embleton Allerdale Cumbria Located 1 km N.W. of Embleton, 3.5 kms east of Cockermouth.
Drumburgh Moss Bowness Allerdale Cumbria Partly wooded area, located S.W. of Drumburgh.
Bellwater Moss Holme Abbey Allerdale Cumbria Located adjacent to Holme Dub, 1.5 kms N.W. of Langrigg.
Campfield Drain Bowness Allerdale Cumbria Located on the foreshore of the Solway Firth, S.W. of Bowness.
Watering Place in Gamelsby. Aikton Allerdale Cumbria Located in Gamelsby, 3.5 kms north of Wigton.
The Hollow Watering Place Keswick Allerdale Cumbria Adjacent to the River Greta in Keswick.
Whitrigg Marsh Bowness Allerdale Cumbria An area of marsh, located 1 km west of Angerton.
Four Gravel Quarries Ireby and Uldale Allerdale Cumbria Located 1 km S.W. of Uldale, and 2.5 kms north of Bassenthwaite
The Village Well Kirkbride Allerdale Cumbria Located in Kirkbride.
Wedholme Flow Holme East Waver/Kirkbride/Waverton/Woodside Allerdale Cumbria Partly wooded area, located 1 km S.E. of Newton Arlosh.

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